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We were nonstop in the morning. Then they sent us to cover a suburban town. From the radio, I could hear the city was still busy. We parked next to a small basketball court that no one ever plays at. Since they shut down all the hoops in my hometown, I have been coming here […]

Radio Traffic

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“We’re going to need Decon.” “Main Street, use full precautions.” “We have an isolation patient.” “Shortness of breath, fever, just moved here from New York.” “4th Floor apartment, vomiting, fever, use precautions.” “We need resupply, out of gowns.” “Positive screen. Take all precautions.” Patient on corner, just left hospital who wouldn’t test him because they […]

PPE and First Responders

Went to one call today at a medical clinic, two firefighters walked in just ahead of me, already wearing full body gowns and N95s for a patient with chest pain. There were already four nurses standing around the patient, all of them in full gowns and face shields. The firefighter handed me a piece of […]

Close to Home

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I came home today to find my wife wearing a mask.  She works in a couple different health care settings.  I remember a couple days ago, she was telling me about a coworker, who looked ill when he came to work.  She shooed him away from her, and told him to go home, or if […]


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I slept an extra half hour this morning. I was tired from my 12 hours in the city, and trying to get closer to the recommended eight hours of sleep, instead of the five or six I normally operate on. I joked with my wife that most of the signs and symptoms of COVID–headache, malaise, […]


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My wife met me at the door when I came home from working in the city last night. She made me strip in the foyer, dropping all my clothes – my jacket, my work shirt, my work pants, my tee-shirt, my socks—in the laundry basket she placed next to me. Then I was marched, clad […]


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It is just eerie. I hear about what went on in China, what’s going on in Italy, what’s happening in New York. Covid is up here too, no doubt. But it is just his advance spies. The battalions haven’t reached us yet. At the hospital my office is on the left as you come in […]

Closed Down

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A couple weeks ago, they cancelled my daughter’s basketball championships.  Her team was in the state semi-finals and had a good shot at winning it all.  The championships were going to be in a high school gym where maybe fifty people would come to watch her sixth grade Catholic league  team play.  The NBA was […]

Released Prisoners, COVID, and Substance Use

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Many prison systems in the United States are admirably releasing low risk prisoners to try to prevent an epidemic of COVID-19 from ravaging the inmate populations, particularly in crowded prisons. Neglect of Prisoners During Coronavirus Pandemic Threatens to Further Escalate the Current Crisis US jails begin releasing prisoners to stem Covid-19 infections While a great, […]

A Bandanna and a Serape

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When I started in EMS in Massachusetts in 1989, in only one of the three towns I responded in were their first responders and in that town, the fire department first responder was a single fireman in a bronco, not an engine with a four or five man crew. (For those not in EMS, a […]

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