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Don't Quit the Day Job

Guy goes to the paint store, buys some white paint. Driving back to his mother’s house in the north end of the city he is driving through a green light when bam. He gets slammed by a car being chased by the police. The other car rolls. A fire hydrant is hit. Water sprays everywhere. […]

My Sunshine/Little Daddy

A three year-old hits his head. The cops are questioning the mother when we get there. It looks like an accident. The kid just banged his head. He didn’t lose conciousness — he just hurts when he moves his head. His mother has to be six two and well over four hundred pounds — she […]

Modern Medicine

“Did you hear what happened to Art?” “No?” Art is my old partner. I am a little concerned by the urgency of the question. “He had an MI.” “What?” “He had an MI.” “Is he okay? What happened?” “He wasn’t feeling well. He and his partner were at the hospital. They’d just dropped a patient […]

Friday Nights Out

Terry is a pisser. She’s a tiny little lady who’s almost sixty, looks almost fifty, and acts twenty-nine. Friday night is her night on the ambulance. She does the 23:00 to 8:00 shift with Alan and Ken. I come in at 6:00 to relieve Alan. She is having a friend and the friend’s boyfriend over […]