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Someone Else’s Name

Last night I went to a going away party for an old partner of mine. I was glad there was a good turnout. In EMS people work at a place for years. They come in to work everyday, work long hours, and give it their best. They become a part of the life, of the […]

Escaped Mental Patient

A guy escapes from a mental hospital, hitchhikes to his friend’s house, then sits on the porch waiting for the friend to get home. Suddenly, he starts to feel his neck tighten up, and his face and arms. he can’t move them. Panicking, he staggers out into the road, lurching in and out of traffic, […]


an•thro•poph•a•gi — Pronunciation: (an”thru-pof’u-jī”, -gī”). *** She has beautiful blue eyes, a slender woman with long blonde hair who looks like at one time she was very pretty, but she has been sleeping on a mattress in a house that smells like urine. She says she has back pain and has been hurting too much […]