Someone Else’s Name

Last night I went to a going away party for an old partner of mine. I was glad there was a good turnout.

In EMS people work at a place for years. They come in to work everyday, work long hours, and give it their best. They become a part of the life, of the city they serve. Then they quit or they get hurt, or in rare cases retire. The next day the work goes on, and it is as if they were never there.

My old partner worked the city for 14 years. We were full-time partners for maybe two or three, but over the last six worked together occasionally on overtime shifts. We have many stories between us. Many of which we retold last night.

Life hasn’t been the greatest for my friend in recent years — he had an MI, and has been going through a divorce, which is almost final. As soon as it is, he is leaving for Florida. He wants to work an ambulance job, but says he’ll get a Home Depot job if necessary. He likes the sun down in Florida and knows some people there.

Like I said, I was glad a lot of people came out to pay their respects.

At work they’ll cross his name off the books and write in someone else’s.