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Your Honor

There’s an article in the paper this morning about a family suing an ambulance company because the ambulance allegedly got stuck in the mud while at the scene where a family member — a previously healthy young man had collapsed while running. The article also reports that the ambulance arrived within minutes of the collapse […]

At Bay

4:00 A.M. Twenty-two hours into a twenty-four hour shift. The tones go off for the third time that night. They send us for an unconcious man. It is an address we were at the previous afternoon — a lift assist for a man who’s wife needed help lifting him off the toilet because he felt […]

I'm Walking

I had the day off today so this morning I went to a Jamaican church in the north end of the city. I arrived late and was escorted by chance to the front row just as the lead vocalist and gospel choir started singing “Highway to Heaven,” which was great because I knew the song, […]

The Gift

A forty-five year old man lays slumped against the storefront of the Erotic Palace. He is out cold, drooling. He clearly has done some drinking from the smell of his breath. Doesn’t respond to a sternal rub. We take his jacket off so we can get access to his arms. No track marks. He is […]