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One Day at a Time

I am set to depart on a medical mission to the Dominican Republic as part of a 33 member surgical team headed into the mountains to bring medical care to the poor of San Jose de Las Matas. Packing for a place you have never been is difficult, particularly when it is an impoverished area. […]

For What We Might Do

A medic I know likes to say we don’t get paid for what we do every day, we get paid for what we might have to do. This is the second day in a row, I haven’t done squat. I had a lady with a nose bleed this morning and an MVA refusal this afternoon. […]

Sleepy Boy or Fetch My Dart Gun

We get called for a violent psych at the juvenile school. Wait for PD, our dispatcher tells us. A violent psych at the juvenile school. The last violent psych I had at a juvenile school was a fifty pound ten-year-old who was standing up on top of the cabinents in the principal’s office jumping up […]