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Mississippi — What's Important

I arrived home last night after eight days in Gulfport, Mississippi. As Hurricane Katrina hit, our ambulance company, which has a local base in Mississippi had already sent out a call to its divisions across the country for help. Ambulances and crews from California, Oregon, Washington, Texas, Florida, Georgia and New England were sent to […]


I’ll be in Mississippi for eight days and will post when I get back.

Sore Throat

We get sent for a choking downtown. We find the fire department standing around a guy on a low cement wall that is part of the landscaping. A tree looms over him. Even in the dusk I can see the man is purple. He looks dead. I am about to say, check for a pulse […]

Hurricane Wind

I stopped at the State armory and unloaded five bags of clothes for the hurricane victims. I was ruthless going through my closet. Every Christmas I get a sweater from my father and his wife. They sit in my closet because I rarely wear anything besides my work clothes and then jeans or workout clothes […]


A woman in a nursing home is in severe respiratory distress. History of COPD. Her lungs are decreased with an expiratory wheeze. Her SATs are in the 80’s. The nurse’s aide who gives me her paperwork says she is a DNR, but the papers haven’t been signed by her doctor yet. I give the patient […]


I’ve been playing poker seriously for over five years. When I say seriously, I don’t mean I play for big money, I mean that I am a student of the game. I read books about it, discuss the game with friends, run simulations, constantly try out new strategies. I started out playing in the local […]