I’ll be in Mississippi for eight days and will post when I get back.


  • Treme Preservationist says:

    Hey Peter,I am glad to hear you went down to help. I am reading your first book while evacuated from New Orleans and am at about the place in life that you were when you became an EMT and your personal experience, such as being bothered by the six days in a row on this MS mission is helpful for me to know while I am considering doing this. Just wanted you to know people are reading and appreciate your work on this side of things. Looking forward to your report from the Gulf Coast. -L.

  • MidwestMedic says:

    Peter, I really enjoy reading your blogs. If I was going to read just one, which do you suggest?

  • PC says:

    My other blog is a daily journal that can be found at http://www.medic471.blogspot.com. It contains a rougher daily version of this blog. It is a better read if you want to follow along with the daily ups and downs. In this blog, Street Watch I try to take one or two of my daily posts I like best and rewrite them. I will probably maintain the daily blog until the end of the year, then return to this “weekly” blog as my main blog.

  • MidwestMedic says:

    Thanks for the response. I’ve found I really enjoy the journal a lot. Nothing against Street Watch. But, I find the daily look more interesting. I am less interesting in refined writing because even in your rough drafts (if that is what you would call the other site) you are a talented writer.I hope when you change over to just this blog you carry over some of the feeling from that blog.Thanks again for all the great reading.

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