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Power Outage

Several hours earlier a car wiped out a telephone pole, bisecting it, and blowing out the powerlines exploding transformers all the way down the street, leaving half the town without power. It is still dark when we get called for a lift assist. An old man in a wheelchair meets us at the door with […]

I'll Be at Your Side

What I like best about this job are the moments you observe between people, moments that show the bonds that life creates, that show the love in people’s hearts, particuarly the love of a parent for a child. *** We are sent for a two year old who has fallen through a glass table and […]

Company Man/Union Man

One of my partners used to call me a company man because I used to clear as soon as possible from calls. We’d be in the EMS writing up the run report and the dispatcher would scream. Can anyone clear? I’m holding two calls. Priority One. I’d clear, then she’d bang us with a transfer […]

Farewell Tour

My old partner has finally gotten his transfer to Florida. He moved to this area from New York fifteen years ago when he first met the woman who would become his wife. Now that they have divorced, he says he has no reason to stay up here. He loves Florida and the sun – he […]

My Patch

Nothing for eight hours, then we get a call for an unresponsive. When we arrive, a man meets us at the door and he says, “They are not certain if she is breathing.” We enter the house and I see an officer standing in a bedroom doorway. I can hear the mechanical voice, “No shock […]

My Boy

We get called for a drunk. We find a fifty seven year old man holding the fence in front of a house. An old woman comes out and says it’s her son and she wants us to take him to the hospital. She won’t let him in the house drunk as he is. He doesn’t […]