Paramedic Journal: A Year on the Streets

A year ago I started another EMS blog, called Paramedic Journal: A Year on the Streets.It was my intention to only record “a year” of being a medic, so anyone interested in knowing what the day to day life of a medic was like could have a reference. In Paramedic Journal the entries are rougher and, like the job, at times the entries are tedious. I try to make at least a small mention of each call I go on.

The benefit of writing about each day is the act of writing every day sometimes produces stories or insights that might otherwise have been lost. Sometimes something from the day that I paid little attention to comes into focus. It is for this reason that I am going to continue keeping that blog going.

People do EMS for many reasons: to help people, for the excitment, for the challenge of medicine… For me one of the big reasons is for the view into people — people at their best and worst. I am happiest when I can capture one of these moments. I don’t do it everyday, but by the sheer act of writing, sometimes these nuggets fall onto my paper.

I use Street Watch to post what I feel are the most interesting stories, moments or thoughts about the job of being a paramedic. Most of what appears on this blog originally appeared in the Journal in a rougher form. Some readers, particularly those who like a daily dose of the paramedic life, may prefer that site.

Thank you all for reading. Knowing that people click on this link gives me the impetus to sit down and try to make certain that each week there is something new to read.


  • olivia says:

    I read both your blogs (and have just finished your first book) – and much appreciate the “daily dose”, as well as seeing the more polished version on this site. I’m so glad that you’re continuing with both as your insights are compelling.

  • PDXEMT says:

    I read mostly A Year on the Streets, and I really, immensely enjoy your tales. I haven’t read any of your books yet, but I’ve found everything on your blog to be both entertaining and informative. I’m very glad to see you’re continuing to write — I was afraid my favorite source of tales would vanish like a pumpkin on New Year’s Day!

  • Aaron Patton says:

    Congratulations! I read both your blogs and I have read one of your books and am reading the second. Thank you for writing everything down. You have inspired me even more then I was to be a paramedic.Also thank you (and to all paramedics) for all the hard work you guys do every day. You guys do not get all the credit you deserve. When people think of emergency services, a lot only think of police men and firemen which is really unfair.Thank you.

  • Craving A Change says:

    I’m glad you’re keeping the other one going. I’ve been reading both and enjoying them greatly. I just finished reading your second book, and will acquire the first whenever I find it or get lazy and simply end up ordering it. Thanks for sharing all the stories with us and giving people like me who want to go into EMS a bit more of a first hand view of what’s out there.

  • Bandaged One says:

    I agree with all the comments, the ability to read another fellow EMS’er blog and enjoy it is great. The books are great, even the nurses love them as I pass them to the ER. We pull them out once in a while to read our favorites and pick out new favorites and enjoy laughs. We don’t see the same calls but we all work the same job. I do have to say that reading your books and determination has given me a new lease on the job and the burn out has lifted for awhile. THANKS to PETER and all other EMS “PROFESSIONALS”!!!!!