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I went down to Baltimore, Maryland to attend the annual JEMS EMS Today Conference. This is the second time I have been, and I was very glad I went. The speakers are always absolutely first rate. It is good to surround yourself with people who are on the leading edge of EMS. I always like […]

EMS Books – Print on Demand

Every six months I get a report with the sales figures from my two books. In the last few years I have noticed a small but growing uptrend in sales. If the next report continues this trend I will be discuss with my agent the possibility of doing a third book. I actually already have […]

My Job

The Maytag Repairman Syndrome is common in EMS. You are a paramedic to save lives, but you cannot save lives if no one’s life is in jeopardy. As an EMS writer, I need interesting calls to write about, because I cannot write stories if my day is boring. One of the reasons I write about […]


When I started in EMS paramedics rarely did transfers. Out of twenty cars, maye six were medic. Sometimes only two. One of my first partners used to get very upset if we were even dispatched to an ETOH. We were to be kept back for the bad ones. Who you work with, particuarly when you […]

My Hollywood Adventure

About a month ago I come home one night and see the message light blinking on my answering machine. I hit the play button. It is a message from an assistant at a television production company in Southern California, telling me that the Executive Producer of a new TV series about paramedics has read my […]