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My preceptee needs a code. He probably needs a couple. He hasn’t done one as a medic yet. He’s intubated “ Fred the Head,” but mannequins just aren’t the real McCoy. While managing a cardiac arrest is about more than just intubating, a medic needs at least one intubation to get cut loose to practice […]

What I Would Want

One of the comments to a recent post was from Henrick, who wrote: “Maybe I´ve misunderstood your post ( english isn´t my first language)and so this could be a reallt stupid question… But I have to ask! Do you really schock people who are awake and talking?” The answer of course is yes, we do, […]

The Juice

My cold is still lingering, although I might say I am feeling a little better. Still after three back to back calls yesterday, I was getting tired of lugging my gear and lifting people. Everything seems heavier than it should be when you aren’t feeling 100%. I hate standing at the top of the stairs […]

"What's Going on Back There?"

“Woman not acting right according to her husband. History of lupus,” the dispatcher tells us. It is a nice house in a residential neighborhood in the north section of town. We back in the drive, and then wheel the stretcher in through the open garage door. “You don’t need that. She can walk out,” an […]


There is a message for us on the board at the office telling us to no longer park in the lot of a chain drug store when we are posted in a particular area of territory. It seems the manager complained about the presence of our ambulance in what is a fairly large parking lot. […]