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Tincture of Chicken Soup

I have been a big advocate of pain relief for patients. All the studies show that patients are consistently undermedicated both prehospitally and in the ER. Pain relief is something we can do that makes a huge difference for the patient. We can take care of their pain. I try to be as aggressive as […]

Problems Associated with the Determination of Carbon Dioxide by Infrared Absorbtion

I apologize again for the lack of a post for the last two weeks. I have been very busy and have had too much to write, and so haven’t written anything. The title above refers to a study I was trying to find this morning as I researched a question raised to me by a […]


Sorry about the lack of new posts. I have been working on two, but am not ready to post them yet. I am away for a couple days, but will try to have some new posts ready to post when I get back if not before. I do have some daily posts at Paramedic Journal: […]


It’s raining. The Saab comes around the corner and sees a car pull out ahead of it. The driver turns to the right. Immediately the car begins to hydroplane. Ahead is a telephone pole. We are dispatched to a MVA at a familiar location – a known bad corner. It is ten minutes before crew […]


The call is for a man’s defibrillator going off. When we arrive, it has gone off four times already. I put him on the monitor. “No wonder,” I say. “It looks like v-tach” to me. Then all of a sudden, he cries out as his whole body convulses in pain. (The artifact was caused by […]