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Hello Everyone. I hope you are all having great summers. I am writing this entry today because I lack the energy to write well about a funny call I did recently.

I have been working quite a lot — 84 hours in seven days this past week –and am finding it hard to keep up the quality of this blog and my daily blog at Paramedic: A Year on the Streets. I am not yet ready to give up. I am hoping this is just a lull and I will catch a second wind. It has been almost two years since I have been blogging here, and 20 months at the daily blog. During that time I have noticed some of the bloggers that I have been following have disappeared off the internet. I don’t know if they got burned out, or had complaints or if they left the field.

I like blogging in that it captures my day and events I might forget about or not remember as clearly. But to do that well I need to be able to see freshly every day. A problem that I think comes with working so much is I tend to just want to get through to the next call to the end of the day, and to the next day and to pay day when I spend probably too much time looking at my check.

When I started as a medic I told myself I would never let myself get to the point where I needed to work overtime to get by. Well, so much for the that. It’s what a house and a divorce and a will to see the world before you croak will do to you.

I have been spending a lot of my time lately on my Capnography blog at Capnography for Paramedics. What started out as just a place to put the information I had found on my own has become a near obsession. My physiology background is shamefully weak so I have been struggling to get a handle on everything and then put it into simple language. I agreed to teach a class on Capnography this coming September when I knew very little about Capnography, but knew if I agreed to teach the class I would have to become an expert. I have enjoyed learning. Everyday I hope to get a new capnography strip or story or read about a new study. I am working hard on my powerpoint presentation.

I have also been working more on one of my novels that I excerpted recently. I will probably post more chapters soon. Unfortunately it has taken a back seat to the capnography which is under deadline.

Recently the ambulance service where I work as the contract medic opened its EMS Commander position. I thought about applying. The pay isn’t what I make in overtime, but it was decent for a salaried job. And it was a way off the street in the daily grind sense. It was a job I could do when I am older or if I get hurt. I have lots of ideas about how to make the EMS system better, and it would have been fun to have a playground to try them out on.

But I didn’t apply. Mainly because I love being a paramedic, and in the new job I don’t know how much I would have been able to work — maybe only in a supplemental way. And I would have had to have quit the company I work for now due to conflict of interest provisions. Also, not being able to work overtime I would see a decline in income. And you can’t overrate the ability to have the time be your own when you are not responding to calls. I mean right now I’m at work, I’m on the clock and I’m sitting here working on my blog. How good is that!

Maybe some time down the line I’ll be ready for a step off the street, but now I want to stay here.

Thanks for reading my blog and I hope I will try to get to that funny story soon.


  • Anonymous says:

    This may be a stupid question, but why have so many blogs? Wouldn’t it be less of a burden for you to combine into one, where you can be funny, serious and more, and have less stress?

  • PC says:

    I started the daily blog with the idea of only doing it for a year. It would be record of just what it was like to be a medic on a daily basis. This blog, which I call the weekly blog was where I would post the better stories, the more polished writing. I also used the daily blog more anoymously because I was a little uncomfortable about giving a date to a particular call. So far I haven’t had any problems but it remains a concern.When the first year of the daily blog was up, I was so used to writing everyday that I decided to continue it. At the least, it was a great reference to me to look up what I was doing on a particular day.The capnography blog is a seperate blog to specialize in a topic of interest to me and which there isn’t a great deal of easily assecible information for other medics.Clearly I am on the verge of burning out and bothered by what I feel is a declining quality of my posts.I think I am going to suspend the daily blog indefinately and direct readers to this site. Hopefully I will be able to improve the quantity and the quality of the posts.Thanks for reading.

  • Ambulance Girl says:

    I know the feeling with the blog. I have been trying to keep up with mine, and recently, by the time I actually get the energy to post, I forget a lot of what I have done. I have been looking through my posts from the past 8 months or so and I have realized that my posts just aren’t the same. I feel like I am stuck in a vacuum. Hopefully that will change soon. Anyways, I will miss reading your blog-you’ve been a true inspiration. I will keep up with this one though 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    I really liked the daily blog. I went back and read the entire site over a few days about 6 months ago, and checked it at least four times a week since then. There’s a lot of things to learn there that one never finds in any text book.

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