Once a year — sometimes twice — I get a really bad cold. It starts with an itch in the back of my throat, and then one snuffy nostril, and then a night of not being able to sleep, a low-grade fever. Then the cold descends into my chest where it will remain for a couple weeks, sometimes a month of coughing up clear pleghm.

At at its worst moments I feel like I will never be well again. Such a wussy am I.

I have that cold now. I’ve spend the day on the couch watching TV. I have to go in to work tonight at six for a six hour shift. I’m precepting so I can be the invisible man, just observing. The fever is past so I should be all right, and I am off again tomorrow.

My preceptee needs one good “big bad one” to show he can do the job. He’s doing great, but we haven’t been to the hospital once lights and sirens. Maybe tonight.

I’ll report in the morning.


  • Virginia S says:

    I hope you feel better soon. Good luck on getting a big one for your guy!

  • Bron says:

    I think you might still be feverish (repeating yourself?) :)Love this blog, and love your books.

  • PC says:

    Thanks for pointing out the multiple postings. I’ve deleted the extras. I was having a little trouble getting the blog to publish, and if I was clearer in the head I would have realized what would happen.I’m still on the beat side and ready to lay my head on the pillow.Thanks all for the comments.

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