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Go Ahead

Morphine for undifferentiated abdominal pain. I’ve written about it. I’ve advocated for it. But until yesterday, I hadn’t ever given it. At our last regional council meeting we approved the use of .05 mg/kg for undifferentiated abdominal pain on standing orders. .05 mg/kg is half the regular morphine for pain dose. It is a “judicious […]

Too Busy

Writing about the daily life of EMS always creates a tension for me. On one hand I want to write about the nobler aspects of the job, on the other, much of the job is so frustrating you just want to scream. I try to avoid whining so most of the time I ignore it. […]


I returned last night from the EMS EXPO in Las Vegas. I love going to these EMS conventions. The classes are great. You meet new friends and get reacquainted with old ones. You get to hear the best speakers and get updated on all the latest research and ideas, and you can wander the convention […]

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