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At the nursing home I get a quick report from the nurse (who is running the other way down the hall when we come in) which makes me think the difficulty breathing we have been called for is a patient with pneumonia or sepsis. The vitals she tells me are BP 83/34, Sats in the […]

No Work Today

I feel like I am unemployed. Everyday I check the pager. No shifts. Years ago when I lived in the Midwest and was a day laborer, I used to go down to the work office every morning. When things were good it was unloading trucks, roofing, or working in an plant – making frozen fast […]


The three days I worked over Christmas, I did a lot of vomiting calls. Here’s a question: When you ask how many times have you vomitted, what are you really looking for? The number of times you have vomited or the number of vomitting episodes? I woke up yesterday not feeling too well. Soon in […]

Christmas Eve: Fifteen on the Scale

It’s Christmas eve. We get called to one of the local nursing homes for rib pain. The room number sounds familiar. As we wheel our stretcher through the lobby, “Good King Wencelous” plays through the speakers. Gently shone the moon that night, thou the frost was cruel. When a poor man came in sight, gathering […]

Best Day Ever

I haven’t worked since Tuesday. No open shifts, which is rare. I guess a lot of part-timers are home from school and looking to make some Christmas or school money. They get priority on the open shifts. I’ve been spending the week driving my girlfriend’s kids around. I’ve been carrying my pager with me hoping […]

The Sealed Envelope

The last post on interfacility transfers sparked quite a number of comments, including several on the “sealed envelope” which plagues us. For those not in EMS, the sealed envelope is what the nurse hands you containing the patient’s medical records. Sometimes “Confidential” is written on it. Sometimes they hand you the sealed envelope “for the […]

Interfacility Transfers, DNRs, Choices

I recently recieved an email from Jamie Davis, The Pod Medic, about a dilemna one of his listeners faced on a recent call. Here is the story he recieved: This happened to me last month and I’ve been asking around trying to get other people’s opinions about what they would have done, so let me […]


Back from vacation. It will be the last one for quite awhile. I sort of overdid it this year with travel. The only reason I went this time was I had some tickets I had to use or they would expire this month. Vacation is great, but there are always difficult decisions to make. Do […]

Give Your Life Meaning

No posts until next Tuesday. I’m taking a little vacation. In the meantime I will leave this article I read today. While it is about retirement, I think even if you are in your early twenties it is still something to consider. Every now and then I get opportunities to try something with a little […]


We get called to a nursing home for abdominal pain and possible kidney or gallstones. We find an 88 year old man, alert and oriented, in no pain. The nurse explains he had an unresponsive episode earlier in the day. They did an ultrasound which revealed he had an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm, multiple gallstones and […]

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