Back from vacation. It will be the last one for quite awhile. I sort of overdid it this year with travel. The only reason I went this time was I had some tickets I had to use or they would expire this month.

Vacation is great, but there are always difficult decisions to make.

Do I workout and eat healthy?

Or do I gorge at the buffet?

Do I sit by the pool and drink? and if so

Do I drink beer or umbrella drinks?

I walked a reasonable line, I guess. I weighed myself when I got in last night at two. .8 lb gain. Not bad.

Maybe it was all the late nights at the disco.

I only had three hours sleep, and am back at work, limping slightly.

I’m tanned, but not particuarly rested.

First call was for an old man with Parkinsons who fell and couldn’t get up. His wife didn’t look in much better shape. I hope they took plenty of vacations together in their day. Enjoyed their time in the sun.

I didn’t think about work much at all while away. I brought a small notebook and made some notes about the things I want to accomplish in the job and in EMS over the next year. I wrote in it for about ten minutes by the pool and then put it away. I’ll relook at the list soon and write something at the end of the year.

I hope today is quiet as I need the rest.


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