The three days I worked over Christmas, I did a lot of vomiting calls.

Here’s a question: When you ask how many times have you vomitted, what are you really looking for? The number of times you have vomited or the number of vomitting episodes?

I woke up yesterday not feeling too well. Soon in a race to the bathroom.

I hardly ever throw up — I go years and years without vomiting. Yesterday I found myself pondering that question — episodes versus times. My final tally was five episodes, 18 times. The vomiting started shortly after my breakfast of a power bar and lasted till five in the evening. Only then did I finally get some nourishmant down — gatorade, rye crisp, two jellybeans, green tea and a slice of apple.

When I get sick I always feel like I am never going to be well again in my life. I guess its a good lesson for a paramedic. It helps teach compassion — to understand how miserable a sick person can feel.

Still I didn’t call 911.

Not this time.


  • Anonymous says:

    I’d probably be looking for number of times vomitted over the current history of illness.

    So “Vomitted 22 times over the past 3 days” or “Vomitted 3 times in past 90 minutes” is what I’d look for.

  • Anonymous says:

    when we got phenergan a medic said “since when is vomitting an emergency”

  • Anonymous says:

    I have heard that very same question, and in an attempt to stay within the bounds of what was asked (ignoring the erroneous assumption) I simply replied: “When it is aimed at me.”

  • Brett says:

    you didnt call an ambulance… but that must be what we are for since the makes up about 75% of my calls

  • PC says:

    Thanks for the comments. I’m feeling like myself again.

    I’m hoping that this vomitting thing has run its course among the poplace and I won’t be having to dodge any more of it, much less transport it.


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