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The call is for difficulty breathing at a nursing home. A nurse meets us at the curb – a bad sign. “You have to get him out of here quick!” she says. “We can’t get his SATs above 60.” Another nurse meets us at the door. “This way,” she says and starts walking speedily ahead […]

A Day in the City

I took a city shift yesterday. I try to work at least two city shifts a week, but the last couple weeks I’ve been busy with my triathlon training, plus it’s been harder to pick up overtime shifts lately. I get my 40 hours in the suburbs, but city overtime time is scarce. It’s a […]


We’re on our way back from the hospital when we get sent non-priority to a motor vehicle accident for shoulder pain. The accident happened awhile ago, but one of the patients has decided they want to go to the hospital now so we are being sent. The police direct us to our patient — a […]

Blue Sky

A long procession of cars, many with their windows whitewashed “RIP Hector” line both sides of the narrow road deep in the cemetery. I kneel on the lush grass. Family and friends dressed in black suits and dresses press against me as I try to calm the young woman who thrashes about and cries out […]

MedicCast – Running Cardiac Arrests

Tuesday night (Tuesday, July 10, 2007) at 10:00 P.M. EST Jamie Davis will be hosting MedicCast Live an internet call-in show “Running the Code: CPR oversight and team leadership” discussing managing cardiac arrests and other difficult calls. MedicCast MedicCast Live Visit to register for free and get a pin number to login. The […]

New Medic

Congratulations to Baby Medic on completing his precepting. He is out there now on his own doing some good. I look forward to his fresh, insight posts.