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Four Electrodes

At night I empty my pockets on the dresser. Once a week I clean the dresser top off. Crumpled gloves. ECG strips. Narcotics slips. Med lists scribbled on a notepad. An empty drug or saline vial. Four ECG electrodes stuck together. The call is for the man who can’t be woken up, cold to the […]

Searching for Serenity

I seek a state of grace. I want to do every call the way it should be done. I’m not talking about the medical aspect, although I try to do everything right. It is in my case or maybe in anyone’s case, not possible. I do the best I can. What I am talking about […]


Georgia Johnson has been our most frequent flyer for the last year. Georgia calls five or six times a month with a complaint of being tired and hurting all over. She never calls her doctor, just 911. She is a big woman who walks with a cane and lives in elderly housing. The entrance to […]

Rant and Rude Business

I have been thinking about all this rant business, and promised some thoughts on it. I was on the phone the other day trying to get an issue resolved with a telephone person and I was frustrated and trying to get her to understand my dilemma and how it wasn’t my problem, but their problem. […]