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Internal Debate

I have a new preceptee again, and while we have been busy, most of our ALS calls – even our good ones — have been routine – CVA/TIA, chest pain, asthma, dislocated shoulder, allergic reaction, pneumonia, nausea and vomiting. Lots of IV, 02, monitor with the basic drugs – NTG, Aspirin, albuterol, solumedrol, benadryl, zofran, […]

Your Choice

He was on his way out to the car when he slipped on the ice. We find him on his knees, leaning into the open front seat of his car. He says he isn’t hurt, but he needs help getting up. He is a big man. I’m guessing three hundred pounds of dead weight. It […]

5 Hour Gap

The call is for a hypoglycemic in the lobby of the nursing home. The nurse tells us the woman sleeping in the chair is an admission from a hospital post cardiac care . They were expecting her five hours earlier, but she has just now showed up in the last ten minutes, apparently by private […]

The Motions

I haven’t been writing much lately. I’ve been working a lot, doing lots of calls, but nothing I haven’t done before. I’ve been trying to follow my renewed anti-whine, anti-complaint, try to be an easy going nice guy policy. I’ve had a fair amount of success. It is much less tiring going with the flow […]