A Paramedic's Diary

There is a new paramedic book out available as of now only from Amazon.UK, called Paramedic’s Diary by Stuart Gray, a London paramedic and the author of the A Paramedic’s Diary blog.

It is a good read. EMS in England is much like it is here. They have a wonderful term — “a suspended” — which means a person dead, but still workable.

Gray’s work is an excellent companion to Tom Reynolds’ Random Acts of Reality blog and book Blood, Sweat and Tea.


  • Matt M says:

    I agree. A Paramedic’s Diary is an excellent read.

  • Julie says:

    Brilliant book. I have read A Paramedic’s Diary: Life and Death on the Streets by Stuart Gray and Blood, Sweat and Tea, by Tom Reynolds. I enjoyed them both, but Gray’s book is the best by far. I felt that Reynold’s book was just a collection of blog posts – hardly edited – that I had read before.A Paramedic’s Diary was a more emotional read and not just a collection of stories taken from his blog.

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