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Celtics Fan

The Boston Celtics are back in the championship hunt. As a kid, I was a huge Celtics fan. I watched them on our small black and white TV and then I’d go out in the driveway and dribble around and shoot against the hoop my father had nailed over the garage door. I pretended I […]

The Darkest Hour

Australian crime writer and former paramedic, Katherine Howell has just published her second novel, The Darkest Hour Her previous novel Frantic was published last year. Her books involve a reoccurring police detective, Ella Marconi, and a female paramedic (who will change from book to book) caught up in a suspenseful situation. While primarily crime thrillers, […]


I was asked a question about using Lead III in the post below about 3rd degree Heart Block. While the strip says “III,” it is actually something called “S5,” which I neglected to label. “S5” is done by putting the left leg (red) lead in the fifth intercostal space just to the right of the […]

3rd Degree Heart Block

I had an interesting strip the other day. We were called to a physician’s office for an abnormal ECG. The EMD dispatch sent us “hot.” But the prearrival instructions indicated no immediate emergency. Patient was alert talking with good color, no pain and no shortness of breath. And as it usually turns out at a […]

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