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Democracy in Action

We’ve been having a big union battle where I work that has pretty evenly divided the company. In the first election, the current union, Local 1199, garnered 81 votes, the challenging union, NEMSA, garnered 71, and 16 people voted no union. Since there was no clear majority, there is a run-off election held today between […]

New Blog-Normal Sinus

Note: I am participating in a new joint blog called Normal Sinus that is run by two bloggers, epijunky at Pink Warm and Dry and Sam at On the Clock. The new blog has participation from several other bloggers and will try each week to post entries on similar subjects. This coming week’s entry is […]

Countless Many

“Why Can’t We All Get Along?” *** There’s a new guy on the sports radio channel I listen to who drives me crazy. He is so annoying. The local radio station decided to preempt the national syndication with a young local guy who could discuss local sports and maybe comes a lot cheaper than the […]

Minimum Security Prison

It’s punchout time so I can post this: Quiet day. Nothing going on for 12 hours, except a lot of rain. I worked some on the computer, surfed the net for awhile. I spent an hour or so cleaning up the supply closet. I had a bowl of soup for lunch. I watched some TV […]

We’re called for a woman unconscious. I recognize the address. We have been there many times before. Two sisters. Extremely co-dependent on each other. The younger sister has chronic pain and is a known drug seeker. The older sister is just plain crazy. On the way we are updated. The woman is conscious and breathing. […]


We’re called to the cemetery for a woman passed out. I have been here so many times before. It is almost always the same story. Beautiful, clear day, green grass, a procession of cars parked along the road, memoriams white-washed on their back windows. “Remember Julio. R.I.P.” And then the gathering of mourners, all dressed […]

Air Paramedic

Entry Img

The first time I rode in an ambulance I was in the first grade. It was in the spring of 1964. I was on an Indian Guide (“Like Father, Like Son, Pals Forever”) outing with my father and other fathers and sons in our “tribe.” We were riding our bicycles to a park where we […]

Moment of Truth

“Do you find fat people repulsive?” “Have you ever inappropriately touched a patient?” “Have you ever falsified a report?” *** These are questions that will be asked an EMT on the Fox show Moment of Truth on Tuesday night. A contestant can win $500,000 by answering twenty-one progressively more difficult questions honestly based on the […]

What Happened?

There are many things a paramedic(or EMT) has to do on the scene of a trauma (or sometimes even the scene of a bad medical). Among them is to answer the question “What happened?” Sometimes the patient can tell you. “I went over the handlebars on my bike and hit my head. It hurts, but […]

The Accident

After I finally punch out, I drive slowly home through the darkened streets of the town and then out onto a country road. No radio on. After awhile I look at the road and wonder where I am. For a moment I think I am lost, but then I realize it is just misty out. […]

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