Moment of Truth

“Do you find fat people repulsive?”

“Have you ever inappropriately touched a patient?”

“Have you ever falsified a report?”


These are questions that will be asked an EMT on the Fox show Moment of Truth on Tuesday night.

A contestant can win $500,000 by answering twenty-one progressively more difficult questions honestly based on the results of a previously administered lie detector test(consisting of an individualized 50 question pool). As the money rises, the questions get more brutal. There are several points where the contestant can quit and take whatever smaller amount of money they have made. If they are caught lying, they lose everything.

Previous highlights from the show were people who cheated on their spouses/partners, desired to be with someone else, stole money from work, cheated to get ahead, and hated their parents for wrecking their childhoods. The show has a very high uncomfortable factor. The contestant’s friends and family sit on stage as he answers questions often about them. Sometimes the person will walk with a small sum of money ($25,000), but with permanently damaged reputation and relationships.

I have only seen the show on a flipping the channels basis, but don’t believe anyone has lasted to the end or even gotten near the final round of questions.

One woman reached the $100,000 level by admitting in front of her husband that she wished she was married to another man (also present), but then lost it all when she she was asked if she thought she was a good person, and she said yes.

Truth Humiliates Hubby

From the promo ads, it appears as if the young EMT answers yes to all of the above questions, promising yet another national slam to the image of our profession.


UPDATE: Well, I watched the episode and on the three EMT questions, the guy answered yes to the do you find fat people repulsive question and yes to the falsification of paperwork question, but no to ever touching someone inappropriately question. He ended up walking away with $100,000 quitting before the questions got too tough. I do believe however he will need to find a new girlfriend as some of his answers concerning her did not make her very happy. Later they had on a female volunteer firefighter and while I turned it off before it was over, she wasn’t not doing much for her profession not making her husband very happy. I have read that the show is looking for doctors, police, firemen and other public safety people for their new season.


  • Rogue Medic says:

    I think that part of the problem is that we are often presented with mixed signals. At the same time, that we do not trust people to discriminate between good and bad, we teach them to cover up anything you think might be a problem. “If it wasn’t documented, it didn’t happen,” can be interpreted two ways. You can’t prove that you did something that you probably did do, because you didn’t document well.Or.They can’t prove that I did something inappropriate, because I document in a way that makes it appear that nothing inappropriate happened.We usually don’t teach just one of these, even though we think we are teaching just one of these.

  • Anonymous says:

    I do refusals all the time where I leave out certain tidbits. If I mention someone was tipsy and smelled like booze, but still do a refusal, then it calls into question my whole refusal even if they were A&O. So I leave out that part. But if I take someone to the hospital because they were too drunk to walk, I will be sure to hammer home the point they were stumbling and semi incoherent around near a street or whatever and take them against their will. I might leave out some info to make my case.It’s not about being 100% transparent. It never has been. It is about selling your treatment. My paperwork is like the promo literature for my treatment.

  • PC says:

    Thank you both for the insightful comments.”If it wasn’t documented, it didn’t happen,” can be interpreted two ways. and “My paperwork is like the promo literature for my treatment.” are very telling and very true observations.

  • EE says:

    Anyone that’s an Medic, Doctor, police officer, etcetera is CRAZY to go on that show.

  • Anonymous says:

    just a little update – surprise, surprise – the idiot got fired! thank god, i think he said he was going into med school, god forbid!

    • Guy from the Show says:

      I was fired for bad publicity. I never did anything wrong. I was raised to tell the truth and believed the show would help me pay my schooling. I think exploding colostomy bags on patients that can’t fit on a normal Stryker gurney are repulsive. I’ve dated girls that weighed more than me. I have never once touched or even looked at a female patient inappropriately. The succeeded in feeding the ability of humans to judge one another based off of manipulated truths.

      Just a little update – surprise, surprise – I leave for medical school soon…with money to help pay for it. So tell me, how was I an idiot? Trading in an almost-guaranteed life as a paramedic to a life as a doctor? We do what we have to.

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