Minimum Security Prison

It’s punchout time so I can post this:

Quiet day. Nothing going on for 12 hours, except a lot of rain. I worked some on the computer, surfed the net for awhile. I spent an hour or so cleaning up the supply closet. I had a bowl of soup for lunch. I watched some TV — nothing good on. One of my partners had dibs on the show. Anita — we call her MA — she’s 80 years old, but you don’t want to cross her, so I was stuck watching The Young and the Restless. That guy Victor — the rich debonair older dude with the mustache — was getting married again. MA’s been watching the show since the 1950’s. She figures it is the sixth time Victor has gotten married. I snoozed a little in the arm chair, read the paper, had some more soup. I wanted to get some exercise, maybe walk outside around the building, but it was raining too hard, so I couldn’t go out. I just sat by the window and looked at the rain falling in the puddles.

In another a couple minutes, the door is going to open and I’ll finally be out of here.


  • Epijunky says:

    That “Victor” has either grown a twin on another show or is Victor Newman from The Young and the Restless. I respect you too much to correct you, but at the same time I’d hate for “Ma” to kick your butt for getting your Soap Opera’s confused. 🙂

  • AlisonH says:

    Where do we send the emergency rescue knitting needles, yarn and, if needed, how-to instructions?

  • PC says:

    Thanks for the correction on the show title. I changed it.Ma has lots of yarn and needles, but hasn’t asked me to join in the quilting club yet.

  • Michael Morse says:

    “Victor” Kiriakis, AKA Jennifer Aniston’s dad has been married more than a few times on Days of Our Lives.I spent ten years on the “fire” side of the Providence Fire Department before shifting myself to the EMS division. Haven’t had time for a soap opera since. Kind of miss em.

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