Summer Report

I apologize for no posts for a week. It’s summertime after all. I have been busy playing with my seven-month-old baby girl, staying up watching the Olympics, while channel-surfing to the Red Sox games (including their epic 19-17 win over the Rangers), and celebrating my fiftieth birthday by running my first triathlon of the year (I did 6 last year).

Here’s an account of my 50th Birthday triathlon:

Winding Trails Triathlon Report

And here’s some pictures of a proud dad with his baby daughter:

Hope everyone is having a happy and safe summer!


  • Rogue Medic says:

    Enjoy the time away from blogging. It isn’t a job. When it feels like a job, that is a clue to get away from it for a while to approach things afresh.Happy Birthday!Love the smile on your daughter. May she always be that beautiful and happy.

  • Anonymous says:

    So glad to see that baby girl (and you)! Hope it was a great birthday.:)

  • Medic61 says:

    She is adorable! Hope you have a good summer and don’t worry, the blogging-hiatus is understandable and well-deserved!

  • AlisonH says:

    She’s so cute! Time with little ones is always more important than the blog; we’re just happy bystanders. Good to see such a smile on your face, too. (While I’m trying not to say the “g” word–grandchild–around my newlywed kids.) Happy 50th!

  • Anonymous says:

    She’s absolutely beautiful! and Happy Birthday! Enjoy her! She will be grown before you know it! Blogging can wait- she won’t and neither will life! Enjoy her and life!

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