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Out of Time

Difficulty breathing at the nursing home. The officer who arrives on scene tells us to keep coming lights and sirens. The room in the nursing home is sparse. The patient, a large man in a hospital johnny, is pale and diaphoretic with a low grade fever and edema in his abdomen and extremities. His eyes […]

Sha La Lala Lala, Live For Today

Elderly man. Alzheimers. DNR. No history of seizures. Had a witnessed seizure at the nursing home. Started with his eyes twitching, progressed to a full gran mal. Now the patient who is normally verbal, isn’t saying anything, and has snoring respirations. His pressure is 200/110. I stick an oral airway in after a slight gag, […]

Run Forms

A fundamental tenet of the street medic is that you do not criticize another medic if you were not there on the call yourself. Countless times I have had people come to me and tell me what so and so medic did on a call and can I believe how stupid they were. But most […]


I may have mentioned recently that I started a new part-time job. I’m an EMS coordinator at a local hospital. I’m still keeping my full-time medic job, only I won’t be working so much overtime. I haven’t written yet about the new job — I need to think more about the proper way to write […]