New 12-Lead Blog and EMS Crime Novels

Check out this new blog about 12-Lead ECG’s. Very informative. Tom B who runs it has posted some thoughtful comments here, including ones that helped me understand MIs and bundle branches.

EMS 12-Lead


Katherine Howell, the Australian paramedic turned thriller writer, recently had her books reviewed on

She also recently won the award for best crime novel by an Australian woman.

Her books aren’t yet available in the US, but can be purchased from Amazon Canada.

Or, if you want a free copy:

Be one of the first 25 people to email Katherine a photo of you and your colleagues in front of your ambulance, fire truck, police car, whatever you have, outside your station, and she’ll post it on her web site here and send you a copy of Frantic as a thank you. AND THEN if you post a review of the book on Amazon or wherever and send her the link, she’ll send you a copy of The Darkest Hour.

Here’s her email:

Katherine Howell Web site

Here are my old reviews of her two novels.

The Darkest Hour



  • Rogue Medic says:

    Tom B. does a great job with 12-Leads.

  • Tom B says:

    Thanks for the plug, Peter! Like I mentioned in the PH12ECG blog, my inspiration was Capnography for Paramedics. So whatever I do from this point forward is your fault! I appreciate your support also, RogueMedic, my brother in questioning EMS orthodoxy. Maybe it’s not too late to start writing under a pseudonym! LOL! 🙂

  • Katherine Howell says:

    Hi all, there are still books to give away! Dig out your work photos and email me!!cheers,Katherine.

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