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Something really nice happened today. I was in the supply closet, putting away our latest shipment, when my partner came in and said someone was here to see me. I walked out through the bay and into the main area and there was a man and a woman in maybe their late forties. The woman […]


I got to insert an LMA the other day. I had previously done one when I was in the Dominican as part of a surgical medical mission team. The anaesthesiologist let me put one in on a patient who was having a hernia repaired. I slipped it in, and then that was that. I went […]


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My father recently had major surgery on his back that required him, at age 75, to spend ten days recovering in a rehab facility. Rehab facility is, of course, the modern code name for a nursing home. His first night there, still feeling the effects of the anesthesia two days post op, and doped up […]