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12-Lead ECG in ROSC

The other day I heard a story of an ED doctor geting angry at the paramedics who had brought in a cardiac arrest who the medics had had gotten pulses back on in the field. The doctor was angry because after he had done a 12-lead on the patient in the ED, he’d discovered the […]

Something to Ponder

I have been working at my clinical coordinator job for over six months now, and while I miss being on the ambulance during my desk job days (I still do 40 hours a week in 3 nondesk job days as a field medic), I am enjoying some aspects of the job — particularly the patient […]

STEMI Interpretation

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I’ve been spending a great deal of time at my clinical coordinator job looking at STEMI cases, as well as putting together educational material. When we take a class in STEMI recognition, the ECGs, once you know how to read them, are all pretty clear cut. You can flash the 12-leads on the screen and […]


Cardiac arrest. Old frail man in his 80’s in a hospital bed. Wife was talking to him, and then after awhile noticed he had stopped talking back, not that he ever said much in the first place. We put him down on the floor. He was warm and limber, but asystole in three leads. I […]