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My brother and I went to Florida for this past weekend to see our father. I left on Friday and came back on Monday. My father had a back operation in December, and while he didn’t want us to come see him then, he finally agreed, now that he is up and walking around, to […]

An EMS Mark Twain

Stephen “Kelley” Grayson’s book “Life, Death and Everything in Between” has been rewritten and published in hardcover by Kaplan Books as “En Route: A Paramedic’s Stories of Life, Death, and Everything in Between.” The book covers Grayson’s long career from day one EMT rookie to established paramedic. It is told in short chapters that are […]

Empty Shoe

“How much morphine?!” the nurse asks. I see across the room in the faces of the ten staff gathered around looks ranging from shock to disbelief to not certain they heard right. “Seventeen,” my preceptee says. Again some looks, understandably. 17 milligrams of morphine is a lot, but after all we are in the trauma […]