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A rainy day at work. I’m sitting at the computer and trying to get caught up on email, bills, scheduling, and maybe even this blog. Here’s a couple of recent tidbits. This morning a first occurred. I occasionally hit my head at work — most often on the overhanging bright lights above ER beds, and […]

Paramedic Block

I have had trouble posting lately. I go through phases with the job and with the blog and am in one now. The reason I started writing about EMS in the first place was to capture the human side — the view of life and people the job provides. To a lessor extent I like […]

A Profession

Over the past year we had pretty prolonged and at times nasty debate over whether to change unions, which we ended up doing. While I wasn’t happy with the previous union’s representation( they in fact screwed me on the one issue I needed them to grieve for me), having sat in on the last contract […]