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I came into work yesterday morning and as I always do, switched ambulances. We have three rigs here, and each of the four regular medics are assigned their own (two share one). Every six months or so we switch assignments. Right now I have my own ambulance, but it is the oldest one. Very rough […]

Till I One Day Vanish

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I work in a diabetic town. There is one particular section of lower middle class homes along the avenue that runs north out of the city that seems to be diabetic central. Many of the older residents came to the United States from Jamaica, and while they continue to enjoy their home cuisine — jerk […]

Beach Ball Bellies

Woman collapsed on the roadside CPR in progress. We arrive and when I get out of the ambulance, I can barely see the woman’s face her stomach is so large — it looks like a beach ball and getting bigger with each squeeze by the first responder of the bag valve mask. “I think the […]