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No Transport

In my state, “treat and release” is not in the paramedic scope of practice. While we regularly “treat and release,” this occurs only through the refusal process, after first offering/advising transport X 3 to the patient. This morning I responded to a dispatch for “altered mental status” and on arrival, found a babbling middle-aged woman […]


I haven’t been posting as much as I would like to. That should change soon. I just finished a major class I was taking (which I will write about shortly) so I will have more free time. I also am making some changes to the blog. I have been invited to join the JEMS blog […]

Running the Streets

I finished my half marathon on Saturday, limping across the finish line in 2:34:14. Part of the run went through streets and neighborhoods in Hartford where I have responded over the years to motor vehicles, drunks, cardiacs, asthmas, shootings, diabetics and general illness. When I started as a paramedic in Hartford, I did most of […]

Flu Shots

Flu season is rapidly upon us. I woke up this morning with a slight case of the sniffles that as the day has gone on has proved to be (hopefully) somewhat of a false alarm. I am hoping to get through the week unaffected as next Saturday I hope to run* in my first half-marathon. […]

The Golden Hour

R. Adams Cowley, the founder of Maryland’s well-known Shock Trauma hospital in downtown Baltimore, famously said: “There is a golden hour between life and death. If you are critically injured you have less than 60 minutes to survive. You might not die right then; it may be three days or two weeks later — but […]