20 Drugs To Go

I have revealed drugs 21-33 I carry in order of usefulness.

Note: I started with 32, but during the course of doing the list, realized I had forgotten one and actually had 33.

Here is the list:

21. Solu-Medrol
22. Sodium Bicarbonate
23. Calcium
24. Haldol
25. Metoprolol
26. Lidocaine
27. Toradol
28. Activated Charcoal
29. Tylenol
30. Tetracaine
31. Phenergan
32. Vasopressin
33. Lasix

Of these I only used Solu-medrol, Toradol and Bicarb last year. Maybe with the exception of Calcium and Bicarb for that rare call, I wouldn’t be too nervous about not carrying any of these drugs. The only one I am advocating getting rid of is Lasix, and I do feel that Lidocaine, Phenergan and Vasopressin are somewhat redundant given other drugs we carry (Amiodarone, Zofran, Epinephrine)). I am going to make an effort to use Activated Charcoal and some of the other drugs listed here if I can find an appropriate call.

Now as we move up the list toward what I call The Essential Eight, the choices are going to become harder.


  • Haldol ranks 24th? You live in a very happy system Peter

  • Tammy K says:

    Really? Lasix is in last place? We use it quite frequently.

  • medicscribe says:

    thanks for the comments,

    As I mentioned in my drug specific posts, our town calls in the commercial ambulance for psychs so I don’t use haldol at the rate I did when I worked in the city, plus if I didn’t carry Haldol, I would still have Ativan to utilize.

    I used to give Lasix quite a lot as well, but now we use CPAP and NTG for CHF. The problem with Lasix is a) you have to get the diagnosis right and then b) even if you have the diagnosis right, lasix ultimately may be a bad drug. It is a rare situation now where I will give it.

    Thanks again for the comments,



    Never lose promethazine!!! I needed that for personal use for a few years duirng kidney failure. Zofran had NO effect on me, Promethazine was my lifesaver.

  • fire26emt says:

    Activated charcoal was taken off of our BLS ambulances, we don’t even carry it anymore

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