Katherine Ann

Down the corridor
Jason straddles the gurney,
thumbs on her sternum.


Only these fingertips
hold the mask against her skin,
her head in my hands.


  • Hope she made it. Happy Easter. :/

  • Renee says:

    How did the little one fare?

  • medicscribe says:

    Her Dad found her not breathing in bed after she had been having trouble earlier (30 minutes before). She was asystole when we got there and remained so throughout. I put an IO in her leg and gave her five 0.1 mg doses of epi 1:10,000 during the course of the call/transport. I tried once to intubate her, but couldn’t see the chords. We used a two person bag valve with ETCO2 monitoring. She was a 9 most of the way. It turned out she had a rare genetic disease that made her two months of living pretty miserable, athough she was clearly well-loved by her parents. I will probably post more about the call in a few weeks.

    Thanks frr asking about her,

    Peter C

  • Jenny says:

    I was so sad reading about this. Thanks for telling us more, even if it’s sad. I have two small children myself, reading things like this is always harder when you’re a parent…

  • Meri says:

    Pedi calls are very hard….especially when they don’t make it…..sending a prayer up for the little babe, her parents and the EMS crew….rest in peace little one

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