Gathering of Eagles

Eagle1If there is one EMS conference I go to next year, I would like to go to the annual EMS state of the Science Conference — better known as the Gathering of Eagles — held in Dallas each February.

The Eagles are the EMS Medical Directors of the largest 911 systems in the country, and some of the most forward progressive thinkers in EMS.

The conference is open to anyone interested in EMS.

The presentations from their 2010 conference are available online and make great reading.

Gathering of Eagles Presentations 2010

Here is a sample of two presentations about the future of intubation:

The Great Debate: Why Medics Should Not Be Trained in Intubation
– Raymond L. Fowler, MD (Dallas)

The Great Debate: Should Paramedics Intubate?
– Corey M. Slovis, MD (Nashville)

I’ve heard both of these men speak before at JEMS Conferences and they are both outstanding speakers.

Other topics discussed at the conference included medics using biomarker saliva testing to identify NSTEMI patients, induced hypothermia not just post ROSC, but during arrest, RSI using a King LT instead of ET, return of tourniquets for uncontrolled hemmorage, and new ways to treat excited delerium.

Check it out.


For more on the Eagles work, here is an informative post by Firegeezer:

ALS Response Times; Never Mind.


  • totwtytr says:

    Since it was originally, and might still be, run by Paul Pepe, it’s also known as “The Gathering of Egos”. I think it was originally by invitation only, but I’m not sure.

  • It is a two-part week.

    First part is invitation-only and the second part is a two-day public conference. Includes work on research and position, like their groundbreaking revision of outcomes measurements for urban ems systems:

    Updated website:

  • I’ll be done with the paramedic program by next February, so maybe I’ll see you there. It sounds awesome!

  • medicscribe says:

    Thanks for the comments.

    Totwtyr- I have heard astories bout Pepe’s ego, but I will say this for him, I heard him speak about 15 or so years ago and much of what he talked about as the future of EMS has come true or is coming true. I particuarly remember being flabbergasted by his statement that we would be doing CPR without ventilation. This was so long ago we were still pouring IV fluids into trauma patients even after he had published his landmark Houston study about fluids being harmful to trauma patients.

    Fossil Medic – Thanks for the link. I have added it to my main post for others to follow.

    thanks again,


  • totwtytr says:

    Was his speech interrupted by a phone call from the White House? I’m told by a reliable witness that’s a frequent feature of his presentations. Just a rumor of course. 😉

    I don’t know about you, but we’re not doing compression only CPR at the professional rescuer level around these parts.

  • Amy says:

    I’ll be done with the paramedic program by next February, so maybe I’ll see you there. It sounds awesome!

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