Had This Call Before

Obese septic patient from SNF
29 diagnoses including dementia
labored breathing, gurgley rhonchi throughout
Diaphoretic, temp of 104.1
Doesn’t fit on stretcher, keeps falling to the side
Yankeur suctioning thick brown sputum
Gloves rip
Electrodes won’t stay stuck
Can’t get an IV.
Can’t read the writing on the W10
CMED radio on fritz
“We didn’t copy your patch, you keep cutting out.”
Not regular partner hitting every bump on the road
Driving too fast
AC not working either.
Getting jostled
I throw a roll of cloth tape at the front.
Slow down!

Had this call before, but not for awhile
Will have it again.

I just want to throw my hands up in the air and quit.

but I have to suction again.

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