Codzilla (Or why I haven't been blogging lately)

I was off a week ago Saturday. I took my ten-year old to Boston for the day. We went for a ride on Codzilla, a speed boat out on Boston Harbor. They said we would get wet. We got soaked.

Good times. 85 degrees out. Sunny. Walked around in the sun, went to Quincy Market, had pizza and shared a cannoli, and then headed over to Fenway Park where the Sawx topped the Dodgers with a walk-off two-out bottom-of-the-ninth win.

Sunday was Father’s Day. It was busy at work. I had promised myself I’d write a blog post, but I got side-tracked when I got home.

I have been in EMS for over 20 years. It was long my pride that I never missed a day of work. If my name was in the book, I was there, fifteen minutes early ready to work. This past year I have finally slowed down. On more than one occasion I have called up operations and said, hey, take me off the schedule for Saturday, my daughter’s got a softball championship I want to see, or I’m going to run in a race, or I’m taking the kids to the big city.


The same with blogging. I like to keep at it, but sometimes you need a break.

This summer I’m putting in for quite a few days off.

Life is short.


  • AlisonH says:

    So much happiness in those pictures!

  • Matt says:

    Good for you! I’m still fairly young (haven’t hit 30 yet!) but I’ve learned the importance of a mental health day here and there. There will always be (as you put it in one of your books) “meat in the seat”, but I’ll take a well-rested paramedic who is happy to be at their job any day over a burnt-out paramedic who hasn’t taken a break in years!

  • RevMedic says:

    Strong work, Peter. Good on ya for putting family first!

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