8:30 in the morning.

The hallway is lined with beds — on each a clean white sheet, a pillow at the head and a bath blanket and folded gown at the foot. The floor is freshly shined. The rooms are all empty of patients. Two nurses stand watching the TV that hangs from the cieling. They are silent.

The main ED is also quiet. The triage nurse assigns us a room for our patient—an elderly woman from a SNF. I see two doctors and a nurse standing behind a secretary looking at the computer screen at her work station. The headline on the web page reads: “Breaking News! Work Place Shooting: At least 3 dead.”

In the EMS room, another EMT asks “what do you hear?”

“I hear the shooter’s dead. At least seven shot.”

“Seven shot or seven killed?”

“I don’t know. Depending on the number, you’d think we’d be hearing sirens coming in.”

But when we clear the ED, the parking lot is still empty.

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