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Your First Day

This may be your first time in an ambulance or maybe you worked ten years for a service in another state. You might be nervous or you could have so much confidence you had trouble fitting your head through the doorway. No matter who you are, this is my advice:

Why I Haven’t Been Blogging II

I have been searching to rediscover myself as a blogger. I have some germinating ideas, and once I decide on a new path I hope to be more prolific in the future.


What I initially loved about being in EMS (particularly coming from a job in government/politics) is that in EMS, we are the clear cut good guys, or at least we are supposed to be. People are in need, they call us for help, and we do the best we can for them. But as the years have past, I am coming to fear that we are not always doing the best for the public, and that in many cases, we are showing them our less munificent side.