Why I Haven’t Been Blogging II

I started blogging back in 2004-2005 as a way to get myself back into writing about what I most love about EMS – the patients and the calls. I had more time to write then than I do now and I was working in the field more then. Time to write is key when writing about scene calls because often it is for me the very act of writing about the call that reveals the key moments of an interaction that I might not have realized had I not written about it. While I still work 40 hours a week in the field, I don’t work in the city anymore and the suburban town where I work has less variety and often less colorful calls.

Also, when I worked in the city (a term that refers not to just to working in Hartford, but working in multiple suburban towns as well), I was better able to disguise my calls. In the days of HIPPA and HIPPA fear, it is a sad truth that the smaller your known response area, the harder it is to write about what your day is really like. There are some calls I would like to write about that I just can’t despite my multi-tiered method of disguising calls. And some calls I have written about despite their disguise can still cause me and/or the service I work for problems if someone wanted to make trouble. I do not want trouble in my life, and I certainly don’t want any trouble to come to the service I ride with, which has been good to me and has to this point allowed me to blog.

With these increasing limits on my ability to write about the fresh calls that were the heart of my being an EMS writer, I have been searching to a new direction in my blogging. I have some germinating ideas, and once I decide on a new path I hope to be more prolific in the future (as well as being better about responding to comments and emails). For the time being, however, I am ceasing writing about recent scene calls – at least in a direct way. I am reserving the right to write about calls in the distant past that may be useful to illustrate points I may wish to make. Anyone concerned can be assured that these calls which could take place anywhere and anytime in the twenty plus years I have worked in EMS will in no way be violations of anyone’s HIPPA rights or be traceable to any patient or service. I will also continue my longstanding policy of not writing anything about the individual people I work with or the services I work with that would cast them in an unkind light.

I appreciate people checking my site for new posts, and sorry that so often lately the same last one has been there.

I wish everyone safety in their jobs, health and happiness in their lives. And hope to see you more regularly in the future.



  • Eric Sampson says:

    As a new medic-in-progress I am going to miss your vivid stories and scene recalls. I have read pretty much every ems book I have been able to get my hands on and yours have by far told the best stories with the most amount of usable information. Being entertained is great, but your stories provided me insight and knowledge that put me ahead of the curve before ever starting medic school. Very few authors go into patient care algorithms and specifics of treatment of which you did. I understand your need to bow to Hippa. Shoot, we even have to treat our sim-man training scenarios with the same prowess. We can’t talk about anything to fellow students or anyone outside the training labs. But anyways, I am going to miss checking up and finding new stories but I am sure you will still have plenty of valuable information to share with us. Thanks for taking time out of your busy life to share with us. It is greatly appreciated.
    Eric Sampson
    NJ/NY EMT-B, Paramedic Candidate

  • michael says:

    The longer it goes, the harder it gets. (that’s what she said)

    Two more rejections since we last exchanged e-mails. Got another fish on the line, I’ll let you know if anything good happens.

  • Jordan says:

    I work in Toronto ON, a very busy metro service, your posts are wonderful and read them in my downtime, I can’t imagine what I would learn from you in person let alone what I learn from your blogs, if there is trouble on the horizon, might I suggest taking all the details out and making this a strictly learning forum?

  • Iron Gates says:

    Awesome post peter, it’s been a while since I’ve been on here. I see that nobody has lost their passion. Good to be back.

  • Mark says:

    Just make stuff up.

    I like to be entertained. Whether your calls are legit, or fake, so long as you’re accurate in the technical details I won’t know the difference. I’ll be entertained.

    But I understand if you don’t take my advice. Either way, I’ll be one of those guys that checks your site daily as part of my internet routine.

    I’ve read your books, I love your advice. I am a better and more compassionate medic than I would have been otherwise.

    – Mark

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