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Called In Sick

If I feel like death, like I will never be well again, but I am well hydrated and my pulse is only 72, and my sat is 99%, and my fever barely a 100, what must it feel like to be really sick?

The 6 R's – Right Dose

Sometimes we get caught up in the chaos, the uncontrolled environment we work in and use it as an excuse, forgetting that it is our job to bring order to that chaos, and our job to try to practice always to the highest standards.

The 6 Rs – The Right Drug

“Is this drug the right drug?” “Is it necessary?” “Am I sure?” Simple, but essential questions.

Blog Roll

My apologies to everyone on my blogroll. I have discovered that the links have been inactive for some time. I will be working on it and hope to have it corrected sometime this week.

EMS Errors and Patient Safety

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Sit around a table after work drinking beers with your coworkers and listen to the tales. It is the Wild West. Sure there are many medics – the majority, I believe — who do heroic deeds and provide professional care, but there are some other tales out there that would make shocking stories on 60 Minutes.