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Second District

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It is interesting seeing the streets you spent so many years working on the subject of film. Hartford is a small city, but like its sister cities New Haven and Bridgeport, it has always had one of the highest murder and poverty rates in the nation.

A Happy Pill

I wish there was a happy pill I could take. Or better yet, since I am all into good health and clean living, I wish there was a happy pill I could give my partners.

The 6 Rs – Right Patient

Of the 6 R’s EMS personnel may think the Right Patient doesn’t apply to us….Let me tell you about a call.

Clean Well-Lit Rooms

I wonder what it would be like – for each 911 call – to arrive always at a clean exam room full of soft white light where your patient has been bathed and dressed in a hospital gown and lays or sits on an exam table, awaiting you.

The 6Rs – The Right Route

The thinking may be we are out in the wild and have to get the work done so time applies to us differently. I have seen medics demonstrate their sixty second push. They say “One, two, three, sixty,” as they push the plunger in.

Night and Day

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If you aren’t a regular reader of Rescuing Providence, you should be. Michael Morse is the real deal and one of the most prolific and talented EMS writers out there. While you can read his blog for free, buying his books is an even better way of showing your support for Michael and for our profession. EMS literature, whether true life stories, fiction or even poetry, is a way of showing the world who we are, what we do, and why what what do is important.

Capnography Podcast

I recently did a podcast with Jamie Davis of The Mediccast and Tom Bouthillet of Prehospital 12-Lead on capnography.

It is available for free download.