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Storm Watch

I will admit like most in EMS to being somewhat of an action junkie, but instead of being upset that I might be missing out on the hurricane action, now that I am older and have a family to protect, I was quite glad that I could spend the day at home instead of out on the road battling the elements.

The Matisse

Leaning against the wall was a great tip, and now whenever I carry anyone down the stairs, I lean against the wall with my shoulder as I go to brace myself.


As important as all the skills you will do is getting the cath lab team sliding down their bat poles and getting their superhero suits on and having them there ready to work their miracles when you come through the door with your patient.

Sprinter Ambulance

I’m sitting in a new Sprinter ambulance.

Doctor's Offices

Doing calls in doctor’s offices can be tricky. “Do you start working the patient in the office or wait till you get out to the ambulance?”

Working Man

I have been in EMS a long time, and like most who have been in EMS a long time, I have acquired a Matrix-like ability to evade bodily fluids, including spit. I do my best Keenau Reeves impression and for a brief second find my eyeball a bare millimeter from the spit gob. But I slowmo evade it. It falls back to earth, landing on my computer screen.

“Again, not cool,” I say.

12 Hours

The water on the road caused a car on the highway to hydroplane and smash a New Jersey barrier, but fortunately there were no serious injuries and by the time we approached the scene the sun was popping back out and there was a brilliant full rainbow over the city you could see great from the elevated highway.


People tend to get into EMS for the lights and sirens adrenalin rush. Many either burn out from too much of it or get bored from not enough of it, and leave the field. I think those most successful in the long run adapt to the recognition that EMS is really about people as much […]

Why I Haven’t Been Blogging (Part 3)

Entry Img

Writing and being a paramedic have always been important to me, and I do not want to let either slip.