People tend to get into EMS for the lights and sirens adrenalin rush. Many either burn out from too much of it or get bored from not enough of it, and leave the field. I think those most successful in the long run adapt to the recognition that EMS is really about people as much as it is about the big bad calls. Since I have been back in the city, I have had to do my share of dialysis transfers. The only time I mind them is when I am doing one and a basic car is doing a cardiac arrest or severe dsypnea with no medic available. What I like about the dialysis transfers is you get to know patients and their families, and while depressing to watch their inevitable downward path, you do have an opportunity to be a caregiver in the truest sense – showing a family that you care for their loved one and treat them with respect and dignity. The other day when I came into work, there was an obituary left out on the table for all to read. One of our regulars had passed away. I was proud that in the obituary the family had made special note of the kindness the ambulance crews had shown the departed during his life.

It is rarely written about or held up, but this is what our work is about, and that kind of kindness goes on every day in every town and city in the land. EMS crews making us all proud of our profession.


  • BLS Before ALS says:

    I’m glad you’re posting again. And posts like this are the reason why.

  • Good post! Strong work. Sharing it with my peeps.

    Steve in NJ

  • groovyfirechick says:

    I recently ran into a trauma patient I had treated some months ago when he nearly severed his thumb with a skill saw. I had to convince him to let me take him to the trauma center which is 25 minutes away rather than the local ER which is 5 minutes away but has limited capability for such a call. He thanked me for that and said by taking him to the trauma center I saved his thumb (apparently the doctor there told him that). It made me feel good that I was truly able to effect his life in such a positive way. He told me that he’d remember me forever. What a blessing it is to be able to help people.

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