Tomorrow Today

So how did my day (Tomorrow) turn out?

Too busy to get the netbook out. We did 9 transports. An asthma, a heroin OD, an ETOH, a lethargic 90 year old with leg edema, a woman feeling dizzy at work, a woman with hypertension from her doctor’s office, two neck and back pains from a motor vehicle accident, and an out of town transfer for a hospice patient. 5 ALS calls. I gave the asthmatic 2 breathing treatments and solumedrol. The heroin OD got 0.4 mg Narcan, the lethargy, dizzy and HTN patients got the routine IV, monitor. (The heroin OD and the double MVA had some humorous elements which I hope to write up this week.)

I was assigned the tiniest EMT in the company as a partner, which made for much joking, but she handled her lifts like a pro, and we had a great day together, the Mutt and Jeff jokes asides. It was funny the constant repositioning of the driver’s seat from as close to the wheel as possible to as far from the wheel as possible.

I didn’t get to my Brazilian Buffet, but I got to try a new Indian Buffet downtown. Unfortunately, no sooner had I loaded my Styrofoam carton with tandoori chicken, curry goat and some other delicacies that I couldn’t tell you what kind of food they were much less the names, my pager went off and I had to hustle to pay and get out the door. Fortunately it was for the ETOH who was just a few blocks from the hospital. My partner teched the call, so as soon as I changed the stretcher and secured it in the back of the ambulance, I was able to get back in the front seat and chow down on the food that was still hot. I plan to visit that restaurant again, and then include it in my still in planning Paramedic Zagats.

I did manage about an hour’s worth of reading during the shift. As I mentioned before, I am trying to read only books that make Best of Lists. I figure if book reviewers who read so many books can highly recommend these books, then they may be worth reading. I have been so impressed with so many of the books I have read lately. Reading good writing makes me want to write so much better, although I tell you, some of these are so good, I find it hard to imagine I could ever accomplish what these authors are doing. But then I remind myself, the trick is to write honestly and fully about what you know, and rewrite until you have it the way you want it. Blog writing isn’t quite like that. For me, it is more one draft and then a quick rewrite and edit, although sometimes I labor longer on a particular piece. I do need to orient my time so I can start writing seriously again.

We got off an hour late due to a late call. I got a text that the family wanted Chinese food for dinner, so I stopped at an Asian Buffet on the way home and got $15 worth of assorted chicken, shrimp, pork, fish, vegetables, which everyone was happy with aside from the cheese baked fake crab.

Saturday I am off, doing a mile and half open water swim in a spring-fed lake and possibly taking the family to an amusement park. Back to work on Sunday.

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