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Thankfully it has been a quiet morning so far and that has enabled me to finish Responding, Michael Morse’s great sequel to his first book Rescuing Providence.

Intranasal Fentanyl

February 1 was the first day we would use intranasal Fentanyl.

Mortal Men E-Book

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So how can you read Mortal Men if you don’t have a Kindle or a Nook?

Pain – Why Call Now?

Sometimes I wish pain management were simpler….I wish that for every patient who said they were in pain, we could just turn on pain medicine like oxygen and let it flow.

Mortal Men: Paramedics on the Streets of Hartford

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My new book was published today. Mortal Men is a novel about paramedics in Hartford, Connecticut in the 1990s when a gang war was raging in the city.